The bag


Billions of single-use plastic bags are handed out every day across the globe. These bags end up in landfill. Or worse, litter our urban environments. We’re replacing them with an eco-friendly alternative that’s reusable, recyclable and completely free. All funded by advertising.



Made from heavy-duty kraft paper, our bags last longer than one or two trips.


Can be recycled everywhere. Or if you return it to one of our participating stores, we can turn it into a new Bagboard bag.

Water resistant

A water-resistant coating means our bags stay strong, even in the wet. Great for British weather. Try to keep it out of the bath though.

Carbon Neutral

While paper is better than plastic, it still has a carbon footprint. We work with
The Woodland Trust to plant trees that offset it.


Scan the bag using our app to start earning rewards for engaging with branded content.


Can hold up to 10kg. That’s around six bottles of wine. Or 122 muffins.


So good for the environment, they’re exempt from the bag charge. So you can spend the money you would have spent on a bag on something else