Code of Conduct

The Bagboard Rules and Code of Conduct for a Retailer cover the following, which will be amended from time to time:

  • Prioritise the distribution of Bagboard bags
  • Accept the delivery and distribution of Bagboard bags during length of contract
  • From time to time, insert physical samples (supplied by Bagboard) into bags
  • Display of the bag at all times
  • Do not amend, alter or add to the design of bags
  • Not to tamper and remove RFID tag from the bag
  • Ensure safe keeping of Bagboard RFID equipment and Bagboard bags
  • Comply with occasional stock check requests from Bagboard reps
  • Comply with Bagboard reps
  • Use the Bagboard Retailer app for logistical compliance and data capture when not in possession of RFID equipment, pre-RFID installation or during RFID outage.
  • Consent and co-ordination with marketing requirements of Bagboard (e.g. store profiles and pictures)
  • Endeavour to positively represent Bagboard at all times
  • Inform Bagboard of store closures or obstructions to usual bag distribution. Significant information that would alter our calculations of monitoring bag distribution should be reported to Bagboard (e.g. change in opening times)
  • Consent to mystery shopping procedures
  • Inform and educate employees to comply with the logistical compliance of a Bagboard campaign