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You carry your bagboard bag. We’ll give you rewards. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sign up and we’ll let you know exactly how to get involved.

With the help of our app, you can earn rewards just for using and reusing our bag around town. Because these aren’t any old bags. They’re smart bags. Simply sign up, choose what information you’d like to share, and you’re ready to go. And remember, the more you share, the more you’ll get rewarded. All while helping the environment.

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We work with independent stores to replace single-use plastic bags with eco-friendly ones. For free, thanks to ads on their front and back.

This means they can give them to their customers for free too. So everyone’s a winner. We’re starting in London, but we’ve got big plans for the rest of the country and beyond, so stay tuned.

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Get the bagboard app. Scan the bag. Save the planet.

Download the bagboard app and you’ll open up a world of possibilities. Firstly there are the ads which your app can bring to life thanks to a nifty bit of augmented reality. But more importantly, if you scan the QR code with your app and decide to share some of your info, we’ll reward you by recycling more single-use plastic bags.

Because we want to show that good things happen when brands and people to come together. And although we’re starting with our 1 billion bag goal to tackle plastic waste, we’re not stopping there. Because once we reach this goal, we’ll work towards another. And then another. Turning advertising into a force for good.

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