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The world is changing

And consumers are ready to listen.

To brands who are leading the way.

Now, make sure they hear you.

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How does it work?

1. Your ads in your customers’ hands

We print your ad on premium, eco-friendly, recyclable bags. They’re given to shoppers in 2,000 carefully chosen stores across London - instead of a single-use plastic one. Then off your ad goes. Up and down busy high streets, into cafés, offices and homes.


2. Digital campaigns get a whole new dimension

This is where it gets exciting. The Bagboard app lets customers scan your ad and experience your brand digitally. You could treat them to a video one day, an AR experience the next. 

3. Your ad spend becomes a force for good

Every time customers engage with your ad, we send a slice of the budget to a great cause. We’re starting by removing plastic from the ocean, via our partnership with the Plastic Bank. When the bag is re-used, we pay Plastic Bank to remove even more. 


The future of advertising

Bagboard provides a positive frame for brands to talk to people who want to listen. By putting advertising directly into the hands of your target audience, we’re changing the way things are currently done. You’ll reach more people in places you’ve never been before with targeted out-of-home campaigns, whilst simultaneously leading the solution to the single-use plastic bag problem. And our innovative app rewards consumers for connecting with these brands by redirecting advertising revenue to social & environmental causes. Turning advertising into one of the greatest contributors to solutions. This is the future of advertising. 

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A positive platform for positive brands

Reach more consumers in places you’ve never been before with targeted out-of-home campaigns, whilst simultaneously leading the solution to the single-use plastic bag problem


75% of consumers say they’re happier to engage with advertising if they know it’s doing social good. With Bagboard you’re putting your brand on a platform they’ll love connecting with. Not just for its positive environmental impact, but for the rewards they can collect, every time they reuse the bag, or engage with your ad.

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Maximize your reach, minimize your cost


We’re already partnered with over 2,000 distributors and counting. That means 1 million bags going into circulation every week. Or 186 million impressions up for grabs every fortnight. 


Every time a bag leaves a store, it goes places OOH advertising hasn’t previously. Offices. Parks. Petting zoos. Planes. Making more and more impressions, raising your brand awareness even higher.


It’s affordable, too. Bagboard gives you significant savings, compared to traditional media.

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Brands and Consumers working together for change


By working together, we can make real change. Every time you choose a Bagboard campaign, you are choosing to save the planet too.


That’s because Bagboard works with global NGOs, such as ‘The Plastic Bank’ to recycle plastic every time a consumer engages with a campaign. So by choosing to advertise with bagboard, you are choosing to save the planet too.


Let your campaigns stand for what really matters. Empower consumers to engage with you. And use that engagement to drive real change. Bringing brands and consumers together around what matters most.

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Setting the new / future standard

You are a leader. You have the power to make change. You don’t have to be perfect. But you do have to be trying. Our platform standards prove to consumers that we work with brands who are committed to becoming more environmentally and socially responsible. Meaning they are more likely to engage with you in the first place. 

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Bag + app = campaigns that leap to life

Our bags are like a 3D canvas in your customers’ hands. You could put a brand awareness campaign on one side, and a CTA on the other. The app lets you customise campaigns by date, location or user and update them whenever you wish. Plus our state-of-the art printing presses can put unique artwork on every single bag. How’s that for clever?

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A measurably better OOH option

Bagboard lets you build versatile, targeted campaigns like never before. Thanks to some clever tech called RFID, you can measure the results every step of the way.

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Who we've worked with


average digital engagement rate



cheaper CPA when comparing results with other london OOH platforms



more engagement with opt-in adverts.

(True Impact and Neurons inc)

'Record breaking'

results for our Footy Addicts case study campaign

(Footy Addicts)


more impressions than a metro front cover, at 70% of the cost



of consumers prefer paper to plastic



Freddy Ward, Head of Marketing, Hello Fresh

At HelloFresh we are always looking at innovative ways to reach and connect with our target audience and that's why we were really excited when the Bagboard team got in touch. If you are looking to reach a targeted and engaged audience and cut through the noise, then Bagboard is a great solution. 

Jonathan Suarez, Founder, Footy Addicts

Untouched concept, 'bags' of potential and great people behind the idea. Record breaking number of sign-ups to our platform thanks to Bagboard. Excited to work again with this forward thinking company.