A platform for positive change

Every time a Bagboard bag goes into someone’s hand, a single-use plastic bag is saved. We’re working towards a better world. And every time you run a campaign with us, you’ll be working towards it too.

75% of consumers would engage more with advertising if it led to some form of social good
— bagboard research 2018

A new way to reach millions

We’ve partnered with 2,000 stores across London who hand out our bags free of charge. Between them, they can circulate 1 million bags a week. With an average of 93 impressions per bag, that’s 186 million impressions every fortnight.


The best of out-of-home with the best of digital

Each of our premium, eco-friendly, reusable bags gives people an incentive to engage using the Bagboard app. When they hold up their phone to the bag, our clever tech showcases augmented reality. And every time people choose to engage, they are rewarded with plastic offsetting. Everyone wins.

66% of people say they are willing to pay more for socially conscious brands
— Nielsen

A new creative canvas

The relationship between our physical bag and our digital app unlocks all kinds of interactive features and creative executions that can be updated in an instant. Your bag creative can be linked to a product page one day and an augmented reality experience the next.

Memory responses are found to be 29% higher for ads involving physical interaction
— Neuro-Insight

Made to measure

Our platform is powered by clever technology and complex algorithms that are always gathering data. This gives you access to in-depth insights that can help you measure your campaign’s success in detail. So you can find out how long users are engaging with your advert in our app and how much plastic offsetting your campaign has helped.