A new kind of advertising platform.


Advertising done differently

“Noisy”. “Annoying”. “Intrusive”. These words are often used to describe advertising. Digital advertising especially. It’s why 615 million devices now use ad blocking software. But we think it’s time for a change. Time to make advertising less intrusive and more rewarding. The journey starts here. And it starts with a bag.


The best of out-of-home
with the best of digital

Our premium, eco-friendly and reusable bags replace single-use plastic ones with mobile billboards that bridge the gap between out-of-home and digital. Each bag gives people an incentive to engage digitally in return for rewards. So the more they engage, the more they’re rewarded. And the more they can put those rewards towards the things that matter to them most. Simple.

"Opt-in video ads engage users eight
times more than auto-play ads"
— True Impact and Neurons Inc.


A new way to reach millions

Our bags are distributed by our network of 2,000 stores across London. Between them, they can circulate 1 million bags a week. With an average of 92 impressions per bag, that’s 92 million impressions every week.


Advertising in the hands of consumers

Consumers become the owners of the bags, taking them on journeys into environments that other out-of-home advertising mediums can’t reach. They take them home. They take them to the office. They take them to the pub. Then they reuse them again and again.


A platform for positive change

Every time a Bagboard bag goes into a consumer’s hand, a single-use plastic bag is saved. And every time a consumer engages with a brand in our app, we contribute money to environmental causes. We’re working towards a better world. And every time you run a campaign with us, you’ll be working towards it too.

"75% of consumers would engage more with
advertising if it led to some form of social good."
— Bagboard Research


Made to measure

Our platform is powered by clever technology and complex algorithms that are always gathering data. This gives you access to in-depth insights that can help you measure your campaign in detail. So you can find out exactly how many of your bags are leaving stores at any one time. Or how long users are engaging with your advert in our app.


A new creative canvas

The relationship between our physical bag and our digital app unlocks all kinds of interactive features and creative executions that can be updated in an instant. Your bag creative can be linked to a product page one day and an augmented reality experience the next.

"AR campaigns achieve average dwell times
of over 300 seconds."
— Engine Creative


How it works


1. You plan a campaign

You build your campaign using our campaign planning tool. You choose your target audience, locations and timings, then upload print and digital artwork.

2. We send bags to stores

We print your bags then distribute them to the stores that meet your criteria. Each bag is fitted with a unique RFID tag to log when it leaves a retailer.

3. Your bags are distributed

Consumers pick up bags from our network of 2,000 stores and take them on an onward journey. Each bag is free, eco-friendly and replaces a single-use plastic one.

4. Your bags generate impressions

During its lifetime, each bag generates an average of 92 impressions. The more it’s reused, the more impressions it makes.

5. Consumers engage digitally

Messaging on the bag side panels gives consumers an incentive to download the Bagboard app and engage with your advert in return for rewards.

6. Consumers earn rewards

When a consumer engages with your advert in the app, they’re rewarded. A portion of these rewards go towards an environmental cause of their choice.

7. It happens again and again

Using messaging on the bag and in the app, we encourage consumers to reuse their bags as much as possible. This helps extend the duration of your campaign.




In spring 2019, we’ll launch Bagboard. And it’s going to be big. So we’re looking for brand partners to join us on this journey. Brands who love innovating, collaborating and pushing things to be better. Think you fit the bill? We’d love to hear from you. Register your interest below and we’ll be in touch in no time.

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