A new way of advertising

Where digital meets out-of-home,
and consumers actually want to listen
to brands choosing to save the planet.

One bag at a time.


How does it work?


Plan and book campaigns
We print your ad onto our eco-friendly bags. Each bag replaces a single-use plastic one and is exempt from the 5p charge. Your campaign is then handed out by our network of 2,000 independent retailers across central London.


People engage
Bag carriers are incentivised to scan the artwork on the bag with our app. When they do, it unlocks digital interactions and a new world of creative opportunities using the latest tech, such as augmented reality.


They’re rewarded
By choosing to engage with your ad, people are rewarded. Each engagement will offset the equivalent of 1KG of plastic from the environment. Turning advertising into a force for good.


Advertising done differently


Combatting single-use plastic together

We’re working towards a better world. And every time you run a campaign with us, you’ll be working towards it too. Every bag you create replaces a single-use plastic one. And every time one of your customers engage with your ad, even more plastic is offset.


A different journey every time

Because our bags are non-intrusive, useful and eco-friendly, people become proud owners of them. They take them on unique journeys into new environments all around London. They take them home. They take them to the office. They even take them to the pub.

The best of OOH. The best of digital


The bag

A new 3D canvas directly in the hands of your consumers. We’ve got high tech printing capabilities so each and every bag can be unique. They’re all made from premium kraft paper so are high quality, water-resistant and fully recyclable. They can be used again. And again. And again.


The digital conversation

The relationship between our bag and our app unlocks all kinds of interactive features and creative executions that can be updated in an instant. Your bag creative can be linked to a product page one day and an augmented reality experience the next. It also means more measurability than any other OOH.

Mass reach, low cost

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 10.14.32.png

Reach and impressions

Our 2,000 independent retail stores seen above, have the capacity to circulate 1 million bags a week. With an average of 93 impressions at x6.5 frequency per bag, that’s 186 million impressions up for grabs every fortnight. And we’re offering it at very competitive prices.

Competitive pricing

We make things as easy as possible when it comes to ROI. The only upfront cost you pay for when creating a Bagboard campaign is the production of the bags. After that, we have a ‘pay-per-engagement’ model. This means you only pay for the engagements you get.

Who we’ve worked with


“At HelloFresh we are always looking at innovative ways to reach and connect with our target audience and that’s why we were really excited when the Bagboard team got in touch.  If you are looking to reach a targeted and engaged audience and cut through the noise, then Bagboard is a great solution.”  

Freddy Ward, Head of Marketing, Hello Fresh

“Untouched concept, ‘bags’ of potential and great people behind the idea. Record breaking number of sign-ups to our platform thanks to Bagboard. Excited to work again with this forward thinking company.”

Jonathan Suarez, Founder, Footy Addicts


Why this works


of respondents feel a responsibility to contribute to social and environmental improvements



of people are belief-driven buyers



more engagement with opt-in adverts

(True Impact and Neurons Inc)


of consumers would engage more with advertising if it led to some form of social good



of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason for their relationship to a brand

(Harvard Business Review)


of consumers prefer paper to plastic



of consumers say they are willing to pay more for socially conscious brands



are the most impactful mobile promotional item

(Advertising Speciality Institute)


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