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"75% of consumers would engage more with advertising if it led to some form of social good."
— Bagboard Research


A new way to reach millions

Our bags are distributed by our network of 2,000 stores across London. Between them, they can circulate 1 million bags a week. With an average of 93 impressions per bag, that’s 93 million impressions every week.


The best of out-of-home with the best of digital

Our premium, eco-friendly and reusable bags replace single-use plastic ones with mobile billboards that bridge the gap between out-of-home and digital. Each bag gives people an incentive to engage digitally in return for rewards. So the more they engage, the more they’re rewarded. And the more they can put those rewards towards the things that matter to them most. Simple.


"Opt-in video ads engage users eight times more than auto-play ads"
— True Impact and Neurons Inc.


Reaches placers other platforms can’t