We're Bagboard

We’re an advertising platform with a social conscience. One that rewards people for engaging with brands. And rewards brands with engaged people.

We set out with a simple idea. To replace all single-use plastic bags with eco-friendly ones. And fund it all through advertising. But we quickly saw that this idea could go much further. By adding a digital side to the offer, we created a platform for you to do your bit for the planet too.

The result? A new type of advertising that brings people and brands together for the good of the planet.

Where we've been

We’ve been hard at work since 2016. In that time, we’ve done a lot. We’ve built up a network of over 2,000 independent retailers across London. We’ve developed an eco-friendly paper bag that can be used over and over again. And we’ve been building our innovative app to bridge the two worlds of physical and digital.

Where we are now

Ahead of our launch, we’re working to get more and more people behind our vision. We’re calling on individuals to sign up, spread the word and get involved. And we’re calling on brands to join us in our vision to turn advertising into a force for good.

Where we're going

We’ve got big plans. And as Bagboard grows, we’ll expand into more cities in more countries, creating a global community of people who want to engage with advertising. We’re working towards a culture where advertising becomes one of the world’s most prominent supporters of social and environmental causes.