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Plastic Free July

Once upon a time in a small town in Australia, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz started Plastic Free July. After 25 years experience in the world of environmental and waste management she wanted to do something about the mountains of plastic waste. Skip forward 11 years later and it has become one of the most influential environmental campaigns. It has led to the founding of the Plastic Free Foundation, which works to fight for a future free of plastic waste. One of their core values is that small changes add up to a big difference. This foundation headed up by Prince-Ruiz has allowed Plastic Free July to take off and grow to new heights.

Fighting for a future free of plastic waste

Plastic Free July is the key campaign to fight for a future that is free of plastic waste. It aims to spread awareness of the problem of plastic pollution. As well as influence behaviour changes to avoid single-use plastics. We love their simple small to large scale actions on their website. You don’t have to go out marching the streets with a sign to be involved. It can be as simple as remembering to take a reusable coffee cup everywhere you go.

How are bagboard getting involved?

Guess what? We have made getting involved in Plastic Free July even easier. Every time you reuse your bagboard bag we remove plastic from the ocean. All year round cause that’s the kind of stuff we believe in. Well every weekend in July we will double the amount of ocean bound plastic saved. All you have to do is take your smart bag with you and keep earning those pretty little coins.

Want to do even more?

Check out our instagram. We will be posting our favourite easy Plastic Free July swaps every week. Of course all available through the bagboard app to save yourself some money whilst saving the planet.


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