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App update: more rewards, more time, more saving the planet

Have you heard we have a brand spanking new app update? Our tech wizards have been working away to make it even easier for you to maximise your earnings. Want to know what’s new? Let’s get into it. 

  1. Display mode and journey mode. 

Display mode is our newest feature to keep you earning throughout the day. Fancy heading to your local coffee shop for a spot of lunch in front of the laptop? You can now earn coins just by sitting there with your Bagboard bag. By letting us know if you’re on the go or staying put, we can reward you better. The rewards for display mode are pretty damn good as well, just saying. 

  1. Journey verification

A few minutes into your journey we’ll ask you to scan your bag to verify you still have it with you. This nifty new addition will earn you even more conscious coins to spend on the planet-saving brands you love. 

  1. Automatically ending journey

Forget to end your journey? Not to worry. This new feature means you never lose out. If you’ve been inactive for a while we will end your journey and pop all your coins in your wallet for you. Safe and sound. And we’ll always ask you before we do it, so you have a chance to continue earning.

  1. No more time limits 

Want to stay out with your smart bag all day (or all night, you party animal)? Well now you can, because we’ve now taken off the pesky two-hour time limit for smart bag promotions on the app. That means you can reuse your bag as much as you like in one go – and earn a whole lot more too. 


Want to know more about the app and how it works? Check here.  Already know how great it is and want to try the new updates? Check here to download.


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