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5 tips for a more sustainable lifestyle with Ashleigh

If, this time last year, you’d have told us that we’d be wearing face coverings in shops, furiously sanitising our hands and saying things like ‘can’t believe Margaret across the road isn’t social distancing’, then we’d have probably given you a bit of a funny look.

But as it happens, we’re doing a lot of new things this year. And it looks like many of us want to take some of our newly-found lockdown habits into our new normal. In fact, a recent study carried out by Accenture revealed that 45% of consumers said they’ve made more sustainable choices when shopping during the pandemic and will likely continue to do so.

So whether that’s switching to eco-friendly alternatives, buying more vintage or second-hand clothes or saving money on sustainable brands with Bagboard (good thinking Batman), it looks like more of us are acting with the planet in mind.

That’s why we caught up with our very own Ashleigh Bishop, Co-CEO of Bagboard, who gave us her top tips to live life a little more sustainably every day.


Get yourself a reusable, washable face mask instead of disposable ones


Swap your single-use cotton pads for reusable washable ones such as Face Halo.


Try a shampoo bar instead of a bottle, such as Lush or Ethique, less plastic waste plus they use ethically sourced ingredients.


Invest in a cafetière and swap over to ground coffee instead of pods… it feels fancier too when your caffeine comes from a French press!


Shop local! If you’re lucky enough to have a farmer’s market nearby, get your veggies from there. Try a service such as Oddbox to get fresh veggies delivered without the extra packaging.

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