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Meet Bagboard, the new sustainable reward scheme


So, what’s Bagboard?

Bagboard is a new reward scheme that’s about to make shopping sustainably easier and more affordable. What’s more, it helps save the planet by offsetting your plastic footprint with every step you take.

Right now, we’re busy building an app that’ll help you earn rewards instantly and on the move (after all, no-one wants another pesky plastic card in their wallet, right?). It’s not quite ready yet but over the next few weeks, our secret testing tribe will get exclusive access to the early, or beta, version of the app. They’ll be the first to try out new features and tell us what they love (and don’t love) about it, before it launches in London later this year.


Nice, so how will it work?

Bagboard advertises planet-friendly brand campaigns on smart, eco-friendly paper bags, replacing single-use plastic bags in shops across London. They’re reusable, recyclable and carbon-positive and, because they’re funded by advertising, they’re free of charge too. Soon, they’ll be handed out to people, like you, across the city.

Through our clever little app, you’ll be able to reuse your smart bag (you know, instead of a plastic one or that tattered old tote) to generate planet-saving rewards. You can then spend these rewards on conscious products and services listed on our upcoming sustainable marketplace. That’s what our secret testing tribe will be helping us out with. And if you want to have your say, you can sign up here.


And how do I earn rewards?

Every smart bag has a unique QR code printed on its side panels. Simply scan this with your smartphone to link it to the Bagboard app. Then, you can start reusing your smart bag around London, logging every journey you make in return for rewards.

And remember, the more you reuse your smart bag, the more rewards you’ll earn.


Ah, so how will the app use my data?

Our app maps every smart bag journey you take through geolocation data sharing. That way, we can verify that your smart bag travelled from A to B. And we work out how many people might’ve seen the advert printed on it during your journey. But rest assured that your data isn’t for sale to any third parties and it never will be.


How and when will I be able to spend my rewards?

Sign up to become a secret app tester and you’ll be the first to know when you can spend your rewards on sustainable products and services. All offered by the brands who advertise on our smart bags. Soon, we’ll be creating a marketplace full of brands who are on the side of the planet. It’s our way of making shopping sustainably easier for everyone. And by joining our testing tribe, you can help us get there.


How do you offset my plastic footprint?

Each time you reuse your smart bag (and log your journey on the app), we’ll offset your plastic footprint by directing a portion of the revenue produced by the adverts on our smart bags to the Plastic Bank, an incredible social enterprise based in Canada.

They’ve set up 165 plastic-waste collection centres, or ‘banks’, in Indonesia, the Philippines and Haiti with over 4,300 active plastic waste collectors. People living in the poorest communities are incentivised to collect and drop off plastic before it leaks into the ocean. Cutting the problem off at its source. And as well as earning a fair living wage, people can exchange collected plastic for cash or other useful things. Like healthcare. Or school tuition. Or whatever it is that their community in particular needs.

You’ll be able to keep track of how much ocean plastic you’ve offset on the Bagboard app.


What’s next?

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll use this blog to introduce our app and the rewards as they develop. To get early access to some of the features we’re most excited about, you can sign up to our secret testing tribe or follow us on Instagram.

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