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Join Bagboard’s secret testing tribe (and bag a few rewards)

It’s official: Bagboard beta has arrived. After months of hard work from our tech whizzes (thanks guys), the early version of our nifty new app is ready to be rolled out to our secret testing tribe in London. And as well as enjoying exclusive access, they’ll be the first to try out the platform, tell us what they think and earn exclusive rewards for their efforts. Want to get involved? Here’s everything that you need to know.


First up, what’s a beta app?

As we mentioned in our first blog post, Bagboard is a new reward scheme that’s about to make shopping sustainably easier and more affordable. To do that, we want to create a marketplace that’s packed with planet-friendly brands for people to spend their rewards on. But before we do that, we need your help to make our app the best it can be. For everyone.

That’s why we’re starting with a beta app. Essentially, it’s an early version of what the final app might look like in the very near future. And we’re on the search for a squad of secret testers to give us their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. So that we can work on getting it just right.


How do I get involved?

Simply head over to our sign-up page to check your eligibility and join our waiting list. To be in the first wave of our 500 secret testers, you’ll need to be:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Living in London
  • Own an iPhone or Android smartphone

And if you help spread the word about Bagboard by tweeting or posting to Facebook or Instagram, we’ll even bump you up the list.

Once we’ve got out first 500 testers on board, we’ll be looking for more secret testers to try out the app. After that, we’ll release a public version of the Bagboard beta app to the good people of London.


Why is Bagboard only available in London for over-18s?

We’re the new kids on the block so we’ve got to start somewhere. As soon as we’ve rolled Bagboard out in London, we’ll be launching in other cities across the UK. And open it up to under-18s too. So watch this space.


Right, so what can I expect?

We’ll pop an eco-friendly smart bag in the post or ask you to pick one up from your local shop. Then, we’ll send you a secret link to download our Bagboard beta app plus a checklist of quick and easy activities that we’d like you to do for us. Like logging smart bag journeys or testing out exciting new features on the app.

Then, we’ll ask you to complete a few surveys so that we can learn more about what you think about Bagboard. We’ll use your feedback to make changes to the app, before rolling it out to the rest of London.

You’ll get exclusive, early access to our reward scheme, where you can earn points (or conscious coins, as we like to call them) to spend on sustainable products and services from your favourite planet-friendly brands.

All set? Sign up to join our secret testing tribe here, and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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