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How to go on a smart bag journey

Got the smart bag, got the app and not too sure what to do next? We get that. After all, nothing like Bagboard has ever existed before. And that’s quite exciting, right? Luckily, going on a smart bag journey isn’t complicated at all. It’s actually quite simple.

Here’s how it works:


Pick up a FREE smart bag

If you’re a secret app tester, then we’ll send you one of our eco-friendly smart bags in the post.

But in the not too distant future, you’ll find them in local shops across Central London, replacing single-use plastic bags. As well as being reusable, recyclable and completely carbon-neutral, each smart bag features ads from brands who are doing their bit to protect the planet.


Link it to the Bagboard app

See that QR code on the side panels of your smart bag? Simply scan it with the Bagboard app to link them both up. And you’re all good to go.


Go on a journey

Commuting to work? Popping to the shops? Off to your mate’s house? Carry your smart bag around London and our app will map the route you take.


Earn rewards

You’ll earn points (or conscious coins as we like to call them) which you’ll soon be able to spend on your favourite sustainable brands. And you’ll offset your plastic footprint too, thanks to our partnership with the Plastic Bank.


Complete your journey

All done? Rescan the QR code on your smart bag to finish your journey and claim your rewards. Easy-peasy.

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