We’re Bagboard

We’re an eco-friendly advertising platform that puts brands in front of millions whilst doing good for the planet.


Turning advertising

into a force for good

We replace single-use plastic bags with premium, eco-friendly ones, that combine the best of OOH with the best of digital. For every engagement, we direct ad revenue to good causes.


Our platform is connected by two formats — our bags and our app. Our eco-friendly paper bags replace single-use plastic ones with a mobile OOH media space. Then our innovative app rewards people for engaging with brands and gives advertising revenue to good causes. Welcome to a better way of doing things.


How it works


Our bags are distributed by independent stores across Central London. Each bag is free, eco-friendly and replaces a single-use plastic one.


Messaging on the bags gives people an incentive to download the Bagboard app in return for rewards. Every time a user engages with a brand in our app, they’re rewarded.


These rewards can be donated to good causes. The more people engage, the more support they provide for environmental charities and initiatives.



From bags to Bagboards

Billions of single-use plastic bags are handed out every day across the globe. These bags cause serious harm to our environment. We’re replacing them with an eco-friendly alternative made from heavy-duty kraft paper. Each bag is reusable, recyclable, water-resistant and completely free for customers.

The app that
rewards engagement


A reason to engage

Users earn rewards every time they watch a new ad, interact with a new bag or engage with branded content. The more they engage, the more they’re rewarded.

Control of data

Users can choose how much or how little data they want to share with brands. This can be adjusted for every campaign. Greater sharing means greater rewards.

Support for good causes

Users can contribute their rewards towards good causes that help our environment. Watch some adverts, save the world. Simple.


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