We're Bagboard


We're a new kind of advertising platform. One that rewards people for engaging with brands. A platform that builds a frame for brands to talk, where people choose to listen. And it all starts with a bag. 

Our premium, eco-friendly and reusable bags replace single use plastic ones with mobile billboards that bridge the gap between out-of-home and digital. Each bag gives people an incentive to engage digitally. And every time they choose to, good things happen. Engagements lead to rewards. Then rewards lead to an environment where people actually want to engage with advertising.




How does it work?



Creating a campaign

Advertisers plan timed and targeted campaigns, choosing exactly how their bags will be distributed across our retailer network. Artwork is created, then bags are printed and delivered to chosen retailers. Each bag is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag to make sure it’s logged as it leaves the retailer.

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Getting into people's hands

Consumers pick up bags from retailers, then take them on an onward journey. A bag makes 90 impressions during an average journey. The more it’s reused, the more impressions it makes. Messaging on the bags gives consumers an incentive to download the Bagboard app in return for rewards.

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Rewarding people for engagement

Rewards are earned every time a consumer engages with an advert on the Bagboard app. Consumers turn rewards into currency and spend it in any way they choose to. On social causes. Environmental initiatives. Products. The more they engage, the more they can spend on the things that matter to them most.


The bag


Our bags are made from a heavy-duty kraft paper with a water-resistant coating. Great for British weather.

Each bag is reusable, recyclable and can hold up to 10kg. That’s around six bottles of wine. Or 122 muffins. And because they’re so good for the environment, consumers get them for free. So they can keep the 5p they would have spent on a plastic bag and use it for something else.


The story so far


We’ve been building the Bagboard platform for some time. We started it because we think advertising can be better. That interactions between brands and consumers can be more meaningful. More respectful of choice. More like the interactions people have with each other. Our aim is to build an advertising platform that can close the gap between business and society.

During that time, we’ve done a lot. We’ve built up a network of independent retailers who are ready to distribute our bags. We’ve created a very clever tech platform that links all the moving parts together. One that uses complex algorithms, machine learning and lots of data to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We’ve developed a strong, eco-friendly bag that can be used again. And again. And again. Then we’ve partnered with brands like Missguided, easyCar and HelloFresh on test campaigns to refine how everything works. And that’s only some of it.

The numbers



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independent retailers at launch



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bags distributed at launch



potential bag impressions


Partner with us


We'll be launching Bagboard in 2019. And it's going to be big. So we're looking to partner with brands who want to be involved. Brands who love innovating. Collaborating. Pushing things to be better. Think you fit the bill? We'd love to hear from you. Register your interest below and we'll be in touch in no time.

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