A new kind of advertising platform.


We’re Bagboard. We’re an advertising platform that’s a force for good. Our premium, eco-friendly and reusable bags replace single-use plastic ones, helping to save the planet one bag at a time. Our innovative app rewards people for engaging with brands and gives advertising revenue to good causes. Welcome to a better way of doing things.


Changing advertising for good

Not everyone thinks advertising is a force for good. But we know it can be. That’s why we started Bagboard. To make advertising better. Better for people. Better for brands. Better for society. And better for the environment.


How does it work?


1. Our bags are distributed by independent stores across Central London. Each bag is free, eco-friendly and replaces a single use plastic one.

2. Every bag is an opportunity to earn rewards. Download our app to get paid every time you engage with a brand. The more you engage, the more rewards you get.

3. A portion of your rewards can be donated to good causes, from mental health charities to ocean clean-up initiatives. Choose the ones you care about and every time you get paid, so do they.


Reusable. Recyclable.
Completely free.

Our bags are made from a heavy-duty kraft paper with a water- resistant coating. Great for British weather. Each bag is reusable, recyclable and can hold up to 10kg. That’s around six bottles of wine. Or 122 muffins. And because they’re so good for the environment, there’s no 5p charge.


Get rewarded for engaging
with brands

Your attention is valuable. If you click, watch or read an ad, someone gets paid. But not you. We think it’s time that changed. Our new app rewards you for engaging with brands. The more you engage, the more you’re rewarded. And the more you can put those rewards towards the things you care about.




We like hearing from people. Especially when it involves constructive feedback. Or compliments. If you’ve got something to say, get in touch. We’re all ears.