82,000 plastic bags removed from the environment so far.

Next goal 1,000,000
Next goal 1,000,000

Let's reach a billion. Sign up and we'll remove 100 plastic bags on your behalf. Plus 200 more for every referral. Easy.

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We’re on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic bags in London

Here’s how.

We team up with independent retailers all over London, replacing their single-use plastic bags with our reusable, recyclable paper ones. And the shopkeepers don’t pay a penny. Because it’s all funded by the ads on the front and back panels of the bag.

Sound good? Here’s where you come in. By downloading our app, you can scan the bag with your phone and watch the ad come to life. Every time you do, a thank you donation goes to The Plastic Bank, who remove even more plastic from the environment. 


1 billion plastic bags. Why are we doing it?

Because we’re completely funded by the ads on our bags, we need to show advertisers that you are with us, that you believe in advertising as a force for good.

By signing up, you won’t just be helping us remove 1 billion single-use plastic bags from the environment. You’ll be showing your support for a new type of advertising. One that gets people and brands working together to protect the world we live in.

How can I help?

1. You Sign Up

Simply click the button below and enter your name, location and email address. We’ll drop you an email to confirm you’re all signed up.

2. We remove plastic

Together with our lovely friends at the Plastic Bank, we remove another 100 bags from the ocean on your behalf. We’re working to remove the equivalent of 1 billion single-use plastic bags. That’s about 11 billion plastic straws.

3. You spread the word

Once you’ve signed up, refer friends to remove even more plastic. For every friend you refer, we’ll remove another 200 bags. And if you share on social media, we can keep the chain going on and on.

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